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If you want to affiliate with this community just leave a comment; affiliation is opened to icontests only!

Here's our lovely affiliates, check them out!
dgray_icontest - an icontest dedicated to D.Gray-man
anime_melee - a combined hush and lyrical icontest
anime_icontext - an icontest focused on text use
anime_abc - an alphabet themed icontest
ik_ontest - a K-ON! icontest
anime_eloquence - a lyrical hush animanga icontest
la_corda_hush - a hush Kiniro no Corda icontest
mc_awards - an icontest dedicated to all main chara from various animanga/video games
durararawards - a Durarara!! icontest
clamp_icontest - an icontest dedicated to CLAMP works
ph_icontest - an icontest dedicated to Pandora Hearts
bleach_icontest - an icontest dedicated to Bleach
manga_character - an anime/manga/videogames icontest that focuses each week on a different character
crystal_colors - A weekly contest centered around coloring manga panels
simple_icontest - An icontest for anime/manga/videogames simple icons
shounenbattle - a battle contest for shounen/seinen animanga
pokechallenge - an icontest that focuses on the Pokémon series
kuroshitest - an icontest dedicated to Kuroshitsuji
mixnmatch_itest - a weekly provided resources icontest for anime, manga and video games
shoujochallenge - a shoujo animanga community with challenges that vary from weekly contests, 20in20 rounds, freestyle challenges, and more
di_icontest - an animanga and video games drabbles interpretation icontest
yaoicontest - a yaoi icon contest
tantei_icontest - an icontest dedicated to Meitantei Conan
vgicontest - a weekly Video Game based icontest
ff_creation - a Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts icontest
title_awards - a weekly provided text challenge for anime, manga, & video games
digi_icontest - an icon contest dedicated to Digimon
sandman_itest - An icontest featuring Neil Gaiman's The Sandman
am_rumble - An animanga icon rumble challenge
am_icontest - an icon test community with weekly challenges presenting 4 themes

Special Affiliate: tcg_exchange - a community where you earn cards by participating in the affiliated communities
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